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“The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about,” by Wayne Dyer.

I thought about this quote and wondered is the converse true? Is one of the highest forms of ignorance when you say you like something you don’t know anything about?

I read a post awhile back by Dimitris Melicertes. He deliberately wrote a really “bad” post and in the middle of it asked his readers to NOT press the “like” button. He stopped counting when 50 people hit the like button anyway. The question of course that begs to be asked is WHY? Why did all those people hit the “like” button anyway? Did they not read the post at all? Did they stop before the middle? Were there so many other people hitting “like” they figured the post MUST be good?

I saw one time where a fellow blogger had forgotten to insert the actual post before he hit “publish” and yet in a few minutes he had more “likes” for that post then I probably get in a week. I mean seriously — it was a blank page. I don’t get it.

Don’t get me wrong I like when people push the “like” button. I get to see if there are any new faces on the block. Who has taken the time to come back again. How diverse a group of people are who are visiting.

But I know some people use the “like” button more as a calling card. I definitely read a post I “like” but if someone has a ton of “likes” already I may not push the button. However, if a person has only a few “likes” then I am more likely to push the button. Maybe this is so on my site. I don’t have a lot of followers so maybe sometimes I get the hang-in-there “like”.

Believe it or not this whole post got stated because a friend said something about me re-reading my older posts and what do I get out of that? To be truthful — I don’t normally do that. But I decided with my 100th post coming up — why not?! I was curious who had started and stuck with reading this series from the very beginning. I looked at “likes” and comments and reblogs. There were 3 people and a few more that had been there most of the time. What I noticed is they were a lot like me: female, moms, a few had MCS, all concerned with the unfortunate state of our world…

And then I wondered is that why our world is so slow to change? We tend to hang out with people like ourselves. This unconscious decision validates that the way we are is “normal” and therefore we should keep doing what we are doing? After all don’t “normal” people want to be accepted and liked and validated? If you want to see this unfold go to a high school. There are a large group of kids who wear jeans and tee shirts, but there are always subsets of kids who chose to be different. The thing is — within these subsets the kids all dress alike. These kids have tried very hard to be different and stand out only to find themselves being normal within their own group.

Today’s Intention: Dare to be different! Or not! Which ever I like.

What about you, are you the conformist or the rebel? If you’re the rebel, are you like most of your friends rebels too?

If you want to know how pushing the “like” button for curly fries on Facebook and Twitter…. means you’re probably intelligent — you may want to watch this short TED video.

Regardless of why you “like” me or even if you don’t — I send my love,