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Image (12)Image (3)“Life isn’t a matter of milestones but of moments,” by Rose Kennedy.

It seems my life I’ve looked forward to many milestones:

Turning 18 so that I could vote

Graduating high school so that I was free to make my own choices

Menopause so that I could be free of endless physical pain and suffering

Divorce so that I could live an authentic life free of a non-loving relationship

Whether one makes it to the 100th episode of a TV show or the age of 100 or the score of 100 on a test — somehow this number seems like it should be considered a milestone. But why?

Image (20)Is day 36,500 that much more important than day 36,499 in a person’s life? Is a 99 on a test a crappy grade next to a 100? When I looked up the importance of 100 episodes for a show — it turns out its now the 88th that is important for syndication. And yet, it is the 100th that is still celebrated.

So what is the fascination with this number 100?

I don’t know but I’m glad I took a moment to ponder it. I made a New Year’s Resolution to write about Love everyday for a year. Apparently, after week one around 25 percent of the people who made a resolution had already quit. And apparently only around 8 percent of people make it to the end.

Today’s Intention:

Image2cake100Celebrate. Sorry, I don’t have cake for everyone — but it surely did make my dad happy having to help eat the cake.

Thank each of you for joining me on this journey and especially for teaching me it is the journey that is all important. If I do not write a post on Day 272 or Day 365 I will not have failed. There have been too many inspired moments that we have shared these past months to ever consider this series a failure.

Image1subriseGifts. Milestones are generally marked with a gift. Like the cake I unfortunately do not have a gift for everyone — other than continuing to share my spiritual wonderings each day.

Image1BBLOVE. No moment should be without Love — be it a milestone moment or not.

What’s your all important milestone number? Did you ever feel let down for not getting a 100 and settled for a 99 or 98? Do you celebrate each moment of the day or do you wait to celebrate on only a few milestone days of the year?