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Today’s Intention: “My goal in life…is to be the kind of person my cat thinks I am.” (by unknown.)

Unconditional Love. This is the kind of person my cat Nox thinks I am.

I feed her when she is hungry and laugh when she daintily licks the gravy and leaves all the food.


I let her explore her world without telling her I would never do that.


I give her a safe place to be.


I understand when she wants to hang out with her friends instead of me.


I calmly let her know when we disagree on certain behavioral points.


If she prefers alone time to sunbathe or read or just look beautiful…I’m okay with that.

And when she uses my stuff without asking — I learn to be a better sharer.


This is the person Nox thinks I am…kind, loving, peaceful, patient, giving, affectionate… I am this person… sometimes…but not always. Sometimes I am …mean, fearful, angry, impatient, selfish, and snarky… and then I look in Nox’s eyes and realize there is really only one way I want to be.

I smile as I wrote the above words. Nox had been laying on the floor just watching me type. As I typed the “bad” things about myself — she jumped up on the coach, gave a little snort, and laid down next to me… Nox only knows love and she has made it quite clear that she is with me in my pursuit of love.

I thank each of you who has joined me in this pursuit of love. I promise I will today and for all my days continue to be the person my cat thinks I am…



What about you? Are the person your pet thinks you are?

Image4Nox Love, Nox