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Image2cloud“Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof,” by Khalil Gibran.

I live in an area known for snow. You know this to be true if you’ve looked at any of my photos on Sunday morning. We often get narrow (around a mile across) bands of snow that cause white-out conditions. Many years ago, I went shopping with my mom and friend. The weather was perfect as was our day together. With about  10 miles to go before we got home, we hit a snowband. We had no idea where the road began or ended. It was early in the season so there were no snowbanks built up along the side of the road. The ground was a white flat surface and white snowflakes filled the air around us.

Image2snowTo pull over meant we would be hit because we wouldn’t be seen. To continue driving meant we might go in a ditch or hit someone else.

I said to my friend, “Do you trust me?”


“Good, because I can see the lines on the road.”

“What lines? The white lines are covered by the white snow.”

“I know. But I can see them.”

And so we drove home — me telling her where the lines were and her operating on blind faith. A few cars decided we were driving too slow and passed us — only to realize they could see nothing. They stopped and got back in line to follow us safely to the end of the highway.

I made the “mistake” of glancing back and saw a long line of cars following us. I panicked for a minute. I thought I only had the lives of the three of us in the car in “my hands”. The glance back belied that belief.

Image2sunI hope today that you all have a friend whose love for you manifests a connection one can only call faith. I hope today that you have found your “inner voice” in yourself whose love for you manifests a connection one can only call faith. I hope today that you have found the Source of Love who removes all doubts and fears so that only Faith remains.

Today’s Intention: Practice listening to my Source until my Faith is unwavering.

I do not have faith that people will always do the right thing. I do not have faith that my government will put my needs before greed. I do not have faith that the world will be a better place any time soon. These are all external things. Many individuals trying to meet their own individual needs.

Image1ME002As I’ve gone through all my issues with MCS — it was really the first time in my life that I have had a glimmer of Faith. Before I went my independent scientific way. Now I view things like a puzzle. My Source or God if you prefer, knows the picture on the puzzle box and knows how all the pieces fit together. I don’t know the whole picture and I only have a few pieces of the puzzle. So as I try to make decisions on my own of how to put the puzzle together — it is impossible. Other people have the other pieces and if we are individually trying to find each other to make the connection — the odds are astronomical that we will succeed.

Image5duckThis is where Faith comes in. This is where I stop trying to control all of the external factors in my life. This is where trust comes in. This is where sometimes I go against logic and I listen to the inner voice that says to go left when I was going to go right… and there “miraculously” stands a person holding the next piece to the puzzle that will help me move forward.

What about you — have you had an experience you can’t explain? Have you listened to the inner voice and found things all of sudden seem to fit into place?