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Image5cats“I love the way you love me, but hate the way I’m supposed to love you back,” by unknown.

Hate seethes. Hate rages. Hate vilifies. Our blood boils with rage. And we rage war loud and destructive against mankind.

And yet…

Love whispers sweet nothings.

Why does love whisper and then say nothing?

Why do we scream of our hatred in vile obscenities?

Today’s Intention: Until I release the need as a human for duality — whispers of nothing shall be for hate and love will be plastered on placards as I march — and love will be shouted with all my might — and love will be the emotion that rules how I face my “enemy” and friends alike. And someday there will be only love left.

If you wondered what sparked this post today? I am working on my taxes. I am fine with paying my fair share… but I have to dig deep to find a place of love for a system that if you are gay — in most states you will not be able to fill a joint tax return with your life partner. If you are poor or middle class you will be expected to carry a larger burden than the rich. If you’ve lived the American dream and started your own business — the tax laws will be so extensive and convoluted that you will have to pay money to an accountant so that they can figure out how much money you now have to pay the government.

Image4sunSo today, I will send love to all of my government officials. I will pray that they ask the questions today, “Am I making these laws from a place of love? Am I acting out of service to ALL of the American people? One hundred years from now from my actions as a servant of the people — will the air be purer, the land more fertile, will all people have a job that affords them to feed, shelter and care for their families?

Image3fallsIf any government official happens to read this post — I would really like my tax money spent on nonpolluting sources of energy rather than gas/oil/coal. I would really like my tax money spent on improving education rather than making more jails. I would really like my tax money spent on bike paths, nature trails, and cleaning up our lake to support more businesses who care about our community rather than for more corporations who are going be here only until their tax incentives run out.

I send love to all my government officials today. I hope it moves them to act from place of love.