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“HAPPY EQUINOX.” Vernal (spring) for those in the northern hemisphere and autumnal for those in the southern hemisphere.

When I think of spring, I think of this.                                        Not this.


This “conflict” between the weather and the calendar’s announcement of Spring is not unusual for this time of year. It is freezing and snowing and gloomy and I have a headache. I so needed a warm, sunny and pain-free day. (Well I so wanted it. Come to find out it was not what I needed.)

Image6snowI looked at the snow on my back deck. It’s no longer sparkly. Instead, the strong winds of yesterday left bits of my roof all over the deck.

As I took some pictures I got more grumpy. The stupid woodpecker kept moving his head so the shot was blurry. Nox snuck out on the deck and refused to come back in. Normally the squirrels practically pose for a shot but they kept chasing each other.

And then I stopped and watched the animals.

Image4noxNox stuck her face into the wind and took in the scent of fresh air.

Image2nox (4)

Nox sniffed the snow not judging it as beautiful or not.



The blue jay flitted about announcing his presence with his raucous call.

Image3robinAnd someone forgot to tell the eight robins preening and chasing each other and singing — that today is a gloomy day.

Image2cloudImage10moonToday is a day of balance — equal daylight to equal darkness. Each day, until summer solstice, the amount of light will increase every single day. As I watched the animals today, I realized nothing ever stops them from being true to themselves. No one has to explain to the robin how to be a robin.

I realized today that today is a pivotal day for me. I know that there are fairly equal amounts of Ego (darkness) and Love (light) in this vessel I call a body. To remove darkness all I have to do is let the light in. Each day for the next three months, in the physical world, a little more light will shine on me. I am going to use this as a reminder to each day let a little more of my Creator’s light and Love to shine in me as well.

If we want more light in our house — we don’t box up the darkness — we just turn on the light. Whether you see the sun shine in the sky today or not — I know it shines in all of us. It’s our choice how brightly.

Today’s Intention: Welcome the light.

What does the equinox mean to you? Do you have any special traditions? Does it “feel” like Spring where you live?