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Image3catsImage1noxloki“Anything that you resent or strongly react to in another is also in you,” by Eckhart Tolle.

Debbie Ford calls it the Shadow. Eckhart Tolle calls it the Painbody. Jesus in A Course in Miracles calls it the Ego.

Whatever you want to call it — I view mine as a parasitic force that thrives on negative emotions. In science, a parasitic relationship is defined as one in which one member is harmed and one member of the relationship benefits. In nature, parasites do not normally seek to kill their hosts. If they did they would have to put out a lot of energy to find a new host or worse they might die with the host.

Just like in nature — sometimes these emotional parasites are easy to see and sometimes they are not.

Flea easy. Road rage easy.

Tape worm harder. Ignoring the problem harder.

Image4catsIt is much easier to recognize the ego of an extrovert than an introvert. But if you go back to the fact that the parasitic Ego “feeds” off ALL negative emotions expressed outwardly as well as inwardly — it’s there. Rage can be expressed by punching another person or it can be expressed toward oneself by developing an eating disorder or addiction. This is where Eckhart Tolle’s quote comes in — hate is hate. If you’re hating something someone else is doing look inward first — it’s very likely your hating something about your self.

If you’re loving something in someone else then that love is in you. (Please don’t confuse love with attraction). Eckhart’s quote applies to both love and fear.

One cannot feel love and fear simultaneously. It is as impossible as licking your own elbow. So since this post is about getting more love that means the Ego has to go. I have been working on this for 6 years. The first thing I had to do was realize that this Ego actually existed. I did this by first observing it in other people.

My buddy Joe posted a video on his site the other day. It is the best visual I can give of an Ego at work. There are always two voices to listen to: the voice that comes from the Ego and the voice that comes from Love.

Watch the video and I think it will be very plain when the Ego has taken over and when Love has. It’s only four minutes long so make sure to watch the whole thing or you might miss the point.

Today’s Intention: Start sharing how to rid ourselves of our Egos and therefore our pain.