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Image3sunset“Empty yourself and let the Universe fill you,” by my tea bag. (Yogi)

I think this message holds true for both the physical and spiritual worlds. The physical world is sometimes easier to understand. If your closet is full of clothes that don’t fit or you don’t like — they need to be emptied out to make room for clothes that you love. If your favorite serving dish is filled with leftovers and you want to make something in it to bring to a sick friend, first you need to empty it, before you can fill it up with the new food.

If we view the body as a vessel — what have we filled it up with? If we are already filled up with self-loathing is there room for self-respect? If we are filled up with anger is there room for peace? If we are filled up with fear is there room for love?

Image2oswegoriverFear and love are like oil and water they don’t mix. If we want love to fill us up then I believe first we need to get rid of all the other emotions that are taking up space. Try putting oil and water together — they will separate. Someone may argue that if you shake them then they are together. Yeah — if you want to keep putting all your energy into the shaking and trying to combine the two — this creates a lot of turmoil for the oil and water. This is what an affair looks like. There is the fear of a failed marriage combined with a love or a perceived love with another person — in trying to combine them there is a whole lot of crazy lying and manipulating — your world is very shaken up and never will you get peace. Love and fear don’t mix.

Image1sparrowsA couple of days ago, I asked people to send love to both sides in the Ukrainian conflict — I’m sure more than a few people thought I was crazy to send love to a president who was willing to use snipers to kill his fellow countrymen protesting in the aptly named Independence Square. But I contend, if someone is filled with fear that is the only position they can act from. Sending more anger and more fear in his direction will fill the vessel with more fear keeping love out.

Today’s Intention: Empty myself of fear so that there is room for love to come pouring in.  

Image4sunsetI send love out to every one today but, especially to all the new people have followed me in the last few weeks. I have always tried to thank each person individually by visiting their blogs, but with glitchy health and internet the last few weeks….

If you’re really angry or upset with someone today might I suggest you pour out your feelings in a letter to that person AND THEN DO NOT SEND IT. A few days from now re-read it and see if you still feel the same. If you do  — write what you think their response would be to you. And then write and your response back to them — again DO NOT SEND IT. Keep doing this until there is no anger left and then if you still feel you need to discuss it — go ahead — now you’ve made a space in your heart for love to enter from the other person instead of more anger.

Image5swanI hope today our lives are filled with peace and joy and love and most importantly we’ve made room in our hearts to receive them.