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Image16moon“Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity,” by Horace Mann.

I read this quote and wondered what constitutes a victory? I admit due to being empathic and dealing with recently becoming disabled with MCS as the result of direct and indirect attacks with toxic fragrances — I have avoided the news. I cannot handle the flood of negative emotions that are rampant in our world.

And then I watched this video: I am a Ukrainian.

I have to admit I had no idea there was civil unrest in Kiev. I searched the topic and found this article from the NY Times: Unrest Deepens in Ukraine as Protests Turn Deadly.

I tried to write this post and instead took a shower. I came back to check my local news for the weather and came upon an article that the death toll keeps rising.

As a person wanting peace and love for the world — how do I react to this violence? I could of course take sides and cast judgment against the others. I could write a rant about depriving others of their basic right to human freedoms. How world leaders who are oppressing their people should be defeated and cast out. But in war, one side must always lose. And the losing side will now feel oppressed. The rulers may shift but oppression still exists. Hitler was defeated. And so many years later — Nazism still exists.

If violence is met with violence than the only thing that can be produced is violence. I am not pretending to be a pacifist. I wish I was. I have to admit that if someone was to break into my home — I would physically defend myself.

Darkness cannot eliminate darkness. Only light can do this. When you enter a dark room and turn on the light — does the darkness scream and fight and refuse to surrender to the light? No. But first the light has to be brought to the room — the situation — to the heart. Just as the sun is always behind the clouds — the Light is always there — however many of us have chosen to turn the light switch off.

Today’s Intention: Send love to the people of the Ukraine. I will pray for both sides of the conflict. But mostly I will pray for the light to be turned on in the heart and soul of President Viktor Yanukovych. I believe that it would be very difficult to order my own countrymen beaten and killed — if I was being flooded with love from around the world.

If the world leaders want to help (besides sending loving prayers) — I suggest they send President Yanukovych and the leaders who oppose him out into space. Let these people view themselves against the vastness of the Universe. Let these people view the Earth lit by the sun as it turns suspended against the blackness of space. Let President Yanukovych judge himself against all of humanity that lays before him. Let him decide, do my actions support humanity or destroy it? And then let the two sides sit down at a table and talk about compromise — a solution — what is good for all.

I pray today that we support the freedom for all humanity and especially the people of Kiev.