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Image6sky“Appreciate yourself and honor your soul,” attached to my tea bag.

I recently read an article linked on MCSGals site in which a few food companies are taking out preservatives and a chemical used to make yoga mats … from their products. What struck me about this move was that in most of the decisions, the company rep noted, it wasn’t because the people at FoodBabe.com or Change.org started petitions to have the chemicals removed.

Image17skyLet’s give these corporate moguls the benefit of the doubt and say the timing was a coincidence and that the changes in their products came about for reasons other than these petitions. My question goes to what happened before the activists decided to put these petitions up on the web? Might they have meditated on the idea, asked friends or colleagues for their advice, read up on the issues … in other words focused a whole of lot of energy on the problem?

Image6ufoI ask this after starting to re-read one of my favorite books, Contact by Carl Sagan. In short, SETI receives a message from extraterrestrial origin that contains Earth’s first TV broadcast of any significant strength. This broadcast was of Hitler at the 1936 Olympic Games. The US President asks her science advisor how would someone 26 light years away get this message? The reply, the energy waves traveled out into space and just keep going until they ran into something capable of receiving them.

Image29cloud0998So back to the corporate changes removing toxic chemicals from our food. Maybe the changes didn’t come about because of the physical petitions BUT I would argue they were swayed by the petitioners thoughts long before the petitions were put on the web. These people obviously acted with a passionate certainty that these changes needed to be made. Add to that all the petitioners who felt passionate enough to sign the petitions and I believe that energy went out across the world and beyond to the whatever lies beyond the edge of the Universe. It was received.

Image2cladaugh2At this point, I could get really panicked at all of the negative energy that I have produced over the years. The thought that my anger and jealousy and envy … could continue to hurt others is worrisome. However, lucky for me my spiritual beliefs are that if I ask the Holy Spirit for forgiveness not only do I receive it but whatever was forgiven is changed to love.

Today’s Intention: Be a love transmitter and a love receiver. Maybe I’ll be lucky and receive a spiritual hug from an space “alien” 100’s of light-years away.

Image2cloudHow about you — do you believe what we feel can be projected to the infinite reaches of space?