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Image1noxandbirds“We will act consistently with our view of who we truly are, whether we are accurate or not,” by Tony Robbins.

This quote should be the entire blog post. But just for fun fill out the following sentence: I am ……………… or I view myself as …………… as many times as needed until you can’t think of any more things to put down.

Now look at the list. How many are facts and how many things are beliefs?

These are titles that most would argue are facts. I am a mother –blogger — writer — female — 120 pounds…

It is when we add adjectives and adverbs that life gets interesting.

I am a terrible mother.

I am an okay blogger.

I am a failed writer.

I am a wrinkled, old female.

I am fat.

Suddenly, the whole sense of my being shifts. Every sentence I wrote felt like someone put a weight on my chest. And a bit of me started to believe what I wrote. What would my actions look like to match these descriptions?

How different would my day be if I wrote and believed instead:

I am a dynamic mother.

I am an uplifting blogger.

I am a passionate writer.

I am beautiful.

Image6NoxI don’t know if you feel any differently, but I do. I ask this because it seems as humans (at least Americans) we need to label everything and everybody. When you first meet someone does the conversation start?:

So what do you do for a living?

What college did you graduate from?

A glance at the hand tells (maybe) the marital status?

Do you have any kids?

These questions seem simple. But look at: “So what do you do for a living?” This answer will give financial and social status, a possible clue to intelligence and material acquisitions, is the person artistic or analytical…. Animals don’t need to ask these questions before they befriend us. Their instincts tell them whether the person in front of them is kind or not. We humans don’t seem to make our instinct for kindness a top priority. What would a world look like if we started conversations with?:

What do you have in your kindness portfolio?

Did you volunteer in your community this week?

Why do you donate to the charities that you do?

Is love a top priority where you work?

Do you have enough love saved up before you retire from you job?

Lake Neatahwanta 63013 018I hope today that all 7 billion people view themselves as loving, kind, passionate, honorable, respectful, peaceful, spiritual beings so that we all act as one loving being whether we believe it or not.

Image15cardinalToday’s Intention: Change up what I ask people just for fun. Instead of asking, “What did you do yesterday?” — instead ask, “What was the kindest thing you did yesterday?” or “Are you a kind person?” Maybe this will lead to people thinking about how they view themselves? If they don’t like what they see — maybe the actions will change?



Were you shocked by your “I am list”? Any views about yourself you would like to change? Any views of someone else you’d like to change? If you tried the “Are you kind?” question or something like it — what was the response you got?