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Image3cardinal“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today,” by James Dean.

I changed what my post would be about 3 times today. Today’s is actually almost a remake of Day 37 In the Pursuit of Love just different actors in my play.

Image2snowI have come to think of my waking life like a play that is already scripted. In the play all the scenes of my life are written — the people I’ll meet  and the places I’ll go. Many will disagree with this part but it’s okay. I believe the Ego wrote the script and God is trying to get us to recognize this fact. God would never write a play with suffering. What differs for how my day will turn out — is who will be the director of the play: God or my Ego (aka shadow or painbody). The IMPORTANT part here is I get to choose. This is called by my Free Will. I admit I slip up a lot and fall into old habits but I’ve decided Free Will doesn’t work well for me.

I choose Intuition.

It has snowed again the last two days. I shoveled twice yesterday. When I went out today — I physically didn’t have much left. Image5shovelI’ve spent two days tearing apart my closet and bathroom and thoroughly cleaning. With MCS I also have minor issues with mold. With the house all closed up for winter — a humid bathroom and a closet just off it are great places for mold to hide. Not any amounts of mold that a normal person would notice but if you’ve spent any time on my blog — normal isn’t my life. Let’s just say if I clean dust and mold, I get sick and if I don’t clean it, I get sick.

I have to admit my “play” today started out being directed by my Ego. I started thinking about how sore I am, how much my head hurts, and then the cars started to go by one after the other and then my elderly neighbor cleaned out my friends driveway for her and I had my moment of “Seriously — she has a husband and can use a snowblower! What about me?!” And that’s when I realized I was in B**** mode (rhymes with witch if uncertain).

And I switched directors. I still had to shovel the snow and I was still sore — BUT — I started thanking God for all I had and asking Jesus for some help.

Image4miltA car stopped and a person hollered to me — it was my alderman noticing that the plow had not cleared my side of the road well so I wouldn’t be getting mail without a whole lot of digging out. He said he would take care of it.

Image1snowI went back to shoveling my driveway. I was just about to quit because the car fumes were making me sick — when — my elderly neighbor came over — not only with his snowblower — but my missing recycle bin as well.

Today’s Intention: Make sure God is the director of the day and not my Ego.

Image6NoxThe script didn’t change at all when I came in from shoveling. Nox still jumped up on her pedestal to be brushed. I don’t understand the correlation to when I return from outside — she must be combed — EVERY TIME — but then I didn’t write the script.

When I asked on yesterday’s post for inspirational quotes, I received this from Sarah — one of her Nan’s favorite quote:  “If there isn’t a bright side, polish the dull one.”

The thing about the play I’m in — the Ego never gave me the ending for today. But I know, no matter what the script is, God will always end the play with Love. So check out Sarah’s post inspired by my post if you’d like your day to be uplifted.

Of course, I loved Sonda’s quote, “One never knows why cows stampede.”

If you’re going to be in a movie with stampeding cows — do you want the Ego directing? In which case, you’ll probably get trampled. Or God directing? In which case, you’ll probably be on horseback riding along side the thundering herd gently directing the cows back to safety.

It is my belief that ascended masters do not get jealous, so pray to which ever one you like. If you don’t believe in God than pray to what ever Source brings you joy.

Who is your director today?