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“Faith is the strength by which a shattered world will emerge into the light,” by Helen Keller.


Image10duckMy internet has gone down 3 times (make that 4) as I’ve tried to write this. So today I’ve decided I’m not the lone duck swimming around and isolated. I have decided I am surrounded by many friends even if I am having difficulty reaching out to you. Everyone who reads this is my light by which my shattered world will be healed.Image11mergansers

A couple of friends sent me an email to send a chain of inspirational quotes. I like this idea. Since I may not be able to be on the computer much today and I will be spending the day giving away more of my things I can’t use because of my MCS (starting with my purses) — I would love if you sent along your favorite inspirational quote.

For those who wonder why my purses? They have sat on a shelf for a year. One reeked of perfume. The rest I don’t use either because they are too dressy and I no longer can go out to fancy social functions or when I do carry a purse and there is any fragrance around it gets trapped in the purse. When I open the purse at home I get blasted in the face with fragrance and I contaminate my home.

Today’s Intention: Finish hunting down any little bit of mold or mildew in my bathroom, give away things I can no longer use, and collect inspirational quotes.