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“…those who are in a quandary must be made to see the quandary,” by Richard Weaver.

I have been blogging about Love and a Global Renaissance the last few weeks. The idea is that EVERY living creature — notice I did not just include humans — have a right to clean air, clean water, healthy food, appropriate shelter and a loving interconnectedness with spirit.

Before there was the wheel or the light bulb or an airplane or toxic waste or war or the Olympics or a symphony — there had to be an idea. After the idea there had to be a motivation to do something about it. Let’s modify that — a STRONG enough motivation to act.

I had the idea to mop my floors today. But I didn’t have the motivation. So they are not mopped. There are a million more things that I never even thought of doing that never will get done.

To me there is only one reason that those who want: violence and starving children and toxic waste and GMO’s and smog have them — these people are more motivated than those who don’t want these things. If you put Brussels sprouts or some other smelly vegetable on a plate on the table directly in front of a child and you put some candy within some elaborate contraption — which one do you think the child will be eating the next time you enter the room? My bets on the candy.

Image1cloudsSo what is the point of all this — I believe there are enough ideas already created to change the world into a loving, peaceful, healthy place to live — I believe there are individually enough people motivated to make the change. The problem is we are not working together to make the change happen. Those who want power, greed, and profits are more motivated and are working together to achieve their goals.

Image3catsA bully will take on another person one on one but make that 1 bully against 5 non-bullies — the bully will back down. The government passed anti-bullying legislation that states anyone knowing a child is being bullied in a school setting must report it or face severe penalties. But this is a mixed message to children. When they are in school, the government says that they are protected from bullying, but when the children become adults and they develop MCS what does the government do about bullies then? Nothing. Well that’s not entirely true. They pass laws allowing major corporations to put their profits ahead of the basic needs of the people of this planet. They allow teachers to be bullied out of their health and their jobs. THIS IS NOT LOVE!

Today’s Intention: Create ideas based on love. Be motivated to act on those loving ideas.  Interact with those people doing the same.

There are questions we can ask ourselves if we want a more loving — healthy — peaceful world. Pick one product — say your shoes — and ASK were these made, distributed and sold in a way that was healthy for all involved in the process? Below you’ll find a short TED talk by Maya Penn (age 13) who has done this. Why can’t the rest of the world do it as well? If we want to make changes — it starts with us.

Image8ducksIf I can convince 3 people today to buy products and take actions that are based on love for EVERYONE involved in the process AND those 3 people convince 3 people — this process will take less than 22 times for the entire human population to act from a place of love. And actually it will take less — considering some people have already made Love their way of life. This goes of course for all actions and choices we make. But start with one thing. Embrace how great it feels to act entirely from a place love.