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Image1ighthouse“Adventure is not outside man; it is within,” by George Eliot.

If you were to ask a 100 people what an adventure for them would be, I would imagine you might get 100 different answers. My MCS has really flared up this week. My body feels like I have the flu minus the fever. It hurts just to move my hands to type. But, I still went to breakfast with my dad. He is 80 and one never knows how many more Saturdays we’ll have together. And there starts the inner adventure…

Image2mergansersI needed soap and with MCS that means non-toxic no fragrance soap — so we headed toward Ontario Orchards. Shopping here meets all of my “rules” for shopping. The soap is locally made and sold, and the business is owned by relatives of mine. On the way there I asked my dad if he would drive along the lake so I could get a few pictures. As we went by the park, I spotted two eagles in a tree by the lake. I got out to take the photo a fair distance away, so I didn’t startle them, and yet they both took off. It was 8 am — freezing cold — in a disserted park. Well not quite disserted apparently, an elderly man was walking his dog, and they spooked the birds, and messed up my shot.

The photo was my external adventure. I ran across the snow and ice trying to get at least some shot of them. The internal adventure was that I stopped to speak to the man. I could tell by the look on his face that he knew he had messed up my shot. As a spiritual person I have for years fought with myself over the balance between being honest — and being kind — being spiritual — and being taken advantage of.

Image4iceontarioMy inner adventure was to find a way to be honest and kind and spiritual without either avoiding the man outright so I didn’t have to deal with it or appearing rude and saying, “you absolutely screwed it up.” Finally, my inner adventure won out over my shyness. I laughed and replied honestly, “yes you did.” His shoulders slumped a little but he pointed out where they were on the ice. I took a few shots and turned to go. My inner voice said stay. He apologized again. I told him not to worry. “The adventure of getting the shot was what made it worth it. You just added to the adventure.” He then started to tell me how the eagles were often in the tree. And he apologized again. And again I told him don’t worry I love a good adventure. He then told me all of the other places he knew of where both bald and golden eagles hung out. I realized this was more than just a coincidence — for whatever reason — I had the feeling that this man needed some human connection. With my isolation it is easy to sense this loneliness for human connection in another.

This may not seem like much of an adventure to you but I’ve been going out to eat with my dad almost every Saturday for two years and not once did I bring my camera. Today my inner voice said bring it — you’ll have fun.

Today’s Intention: Seek inner adventures.

Image3eagleMy inner adventure led me to my first photo of I believe a Golden Eagle. Not the close up I wanted. But if I had gotten that perfect shot of the eagles in the tree, I never would have meet the man walking his dog. There were a few more adventures after that too.

So I hope you have fun today. I hope instead of sitting down and planning out every minute of some great adventure you want to have, instead you let the adventure bubble up from deep within yourself or you listen to that barely perceptible whisper and see where you might find yourself. Adventures don’t have to involve climbing mountains or skydiving or going to another country. Maybe your inner adventure may lead you to talk to someone today who will bring love in to your life by messing up your perfect photo.

I’d love it if you’d share your adventures. Have fun.