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Image1moth“For me love is not about froufrou New Ageism. It’s about a way of living and honoring the interconnectedness of life and accepting our responsibility and our power to change the world for the better,” by Jill Butterfly Hill.

Today’s Intention: To listen to my mother. My mom often told my brother and I to clean our plates because there were starving children in Africa. I didn’t get what eating pickled beets, which I despised, had to do with someone I had never met in Africa. Having studied zoology and teaching science and being a great bit older — I now do. It has been very cold and very windy in our part of the world lately. An Arctic air mass keeps showing up for a visit. The thing is if we are getting the Arctic’s air, who is getting our’s? The reason this matters is because whatever we put into the New York air has now been carried to some other state or country. I totally get that whatever I do to the air and water affects EVERYONE else in the world eventually.

But I haven’t often lived this interconnectedness from people to people. Those I see ever day — yes. People whom I will never meet — no. And then the internet came along.

Image10skyAnd then I started to study spirituality. I used to tell my students that their angry words were creating a negative energy that was vibrating around the world until it dissipated. Some poor person in Bolivia was going to get zinged with this anger and not even know why. I strangely never told them this when they were being good and kind. I never told them that the love they created was making a positive energy that was vibrating around the world until it dissipated. And some lucky person in Bolivia was going to get zinged with love and not even know why.

I lived the lie that fear is more powerful than love. Fear and all its forms: anger, hate, jealousy, envy, greed, narcissism are not more powerful than love. I just think there are more people currently practicing it than love. Many believe they are acting out of love but are they? If Person A is constantly telling you that all that you do is wrong is it — Love or Fear? It’s best to ask Person B how they are feeling. I have been both people. When I was Person B, I was feeling demeaned, ridiculed, less than — love is never any of those things. I now see Person A as someone who is insecure and NEEDS and is ASKING in the only way they know how for MY love.

Image (5)So today, I’m not only going to think about not wasting food because people are starving — I’m going to think about not wasting my time on fear because there are too many people emotionally starving from lack of love.

What did you do when forced to eat food you didn’t like? What’s your favorite lesson from your mom? When you encounter an angry or miserable person — do you think: What a jerk? or Wow, that person is hurting and needs some love?



P.S. I love beets just not pickled. I waited my mom out at the end of dinner until I was the last one at the table and I hid my pickled beets in the plant.