I thought those who are following my In Pursuit of Love Posts would enjoy Joe’s post.

Stepping Out with an Agoraphobic


Je T’aime

Love.  It has been written about, sung about, and fought for since caveman picked up rock and played his heart out on a turtle shell to impress a cavewoman. It has been the subject of paintings, plays, movies, and the list goes on. The Beatles said “All You Need is Love,” and Stevie Wonder “Just Called to Say I love You.” Elvis’ was “Tender”, while Huey Lewis and the News’ had “Power.” Lulu gave hers “To Sir,” while the Ohio Players found theirs on a “Roller Coaster.”  And of course, the Captain and Tennille proclaimed that “Love Would Keep Us Together.” Since they recently filed for divorce, I will make the leap of an assumption that they – and most of us – don’t really know what love is.


Of course I have some thoughts on the matter or else I wouldn’t be writing this. I would…

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