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Abandoned railroad tracks

Abandoned railroad tracks

“If you lose hope, somehow you lose the vitality that keeps life moving; you lose that courage to be, that quality that helps you go on in spite to of it all,” by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Yesterday, I declared that I was going to go technologically silent (except music to dance to). I know by now when I declare things to God that there is a Holy Chuckle and I end up doing what I declared I would not. I did leave my computer off for 36 hours. I answered the phone only when my 80-year-old father called, then left a message and called back in a span of 2 minutes (no emergency).

So what DID I do?:

Image1angelI did meditate, and dance, and read. I watched it snow and had a cup of tea with friends. I listened to the birds chirp and the trees moan. I made a snow angel. The book I read from was Everyday Grace by Marianne Williamson. And of course, as synchronicity would have it, today’s chapters were about: What if you lose your job? What if you lose hope? What if you are riddled with guilt? What if the one(s) you expected to be there for you walk(s) away? All issues I have struggled with of late. In the silence of the day I was ready to listen.

My teacher of the day was a fox. For days I had seen the tracks but no fox. The day before he had stopped to look for dinner in the field by my house. But it was too dark for a picture and I scared him off with the flash. I realized after I tried to take the shot that I should have just enjoyed the moment instead of trying to prove what a great shot I could get. I was striving for the moment instead of surrendering to it.

Image13foxYesterday, I had read about the need for following my intuition and not arguing with it no matter how softly it whispered. While I was in my study, I had the notion that I should open the blinds and then I rationalized: Why bother? It’s going to be dark soon. And I left it closed. A few minutes later I was in reading at the opposite end of the house. The fox trotted by. I raced to get my camera. Looked out the window — no fox. The only place he could be was by the side of my house. I pulled up the blinds and there he was staring right at me. The perfect camera opportunity. Except I hadn’t listened to my intuition — and as I pulled up the blinds — I got this shot as he ran away.

I went back to reading about intuition and I had the thought: God give me another chance. This time I’ll just have fun if the fox comes back. I looked up and out my bedroom window, clear across the field, there came the fox. I started to run to the other side of the house to get a better shot. And a voice in my head whispered, Stop.

Image14oxI took the picture from where I was and then I watched him hunt and then I raced from window to window and back again. The difference this time was that the shot wasn’t about showing off to my fellow bloggers. I was laughing and having fun. If anyone had been watching me they would have said, “She has lost her mind.” And I realized that was the lesson the fox had taught me — all my problems are just in my mind and it’s a good thing to lose my mind and just surrender to the moment — have fun — find joy.

So what else did I do with my day?: I looked at the clouds slide by: I felt the spray of water on my face; I walked in the snow; and I explored nature…

At the end of the day, I thought it would be nice to play “Farkle” a dice game my mom likes. But when I got there, she was sleeping, and here comes the “Holy Chuckle”, my dad was watching TV and made it quite clear he would like me to watch that show with him and then another. As I was about to leave, my mom got up and wanted me to watch a show with her. So much for NO TV.

So what did I get from this day of fun? Pretty much a bit of each of the previous intentions from my 18 days in the pursuit of love. I can’t wait to see what the next 346 will bring.

Today’s Intention: Stand up for peace. Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. day in the states. Today is a day honoring equality. Today is a day to speak the truth. Today is more than a day off from work to catch up on chores or to sleep in. Today is a day to see each and EVERY person on this planet — not just as your brother or your sister — not just as equals — but as One. We cannot fight for peace — these two actions are diametrically opposed. By stand up, I mean get off your backside and do something that will bring peace to your life, home, neighborhood, community, nation, … the world. It may be to meditate, walk in nature, visit someone in a retirement home, ask your troubled teen if they need a hug, see the sadness in an angry person and lend an ear… what is the difference between Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, Jeremy Gilley, Mother Theresa, and you — I hope nothing because these people all took a stand for peace — a non-negotiable stand for peace. I hope you have too. Imagine a world where EVERYONE took a stand for peace. Like Martin Luther King, Jr. and millions of others — I have a dream — a dream of peace — all day, everyday, everywhere…