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Image2ship“Never be afraid to try something new. Remember that a lone amateur built the ark. A large group of professionals built the Titanic,” by Dave Barry.

I don’t remember exactly which ship this is a replica of Nina or Pinta, but it shocked me how such a small ship could have sailed across the Atlantic Ocean with none of our modern technology. Now those people were not afraid to try something new.

Today’s Intention: I am going to go a day without “technology” and try something new. I will admit it will not be today because I promised to post about love everyday — therefore the computer is on for the day. I believe it will be Sunday. I will actually have to plan ahead for this because I will be turning off my phone and my TV and my computer and having a day of technological silence. I will need to do my Love post a day early and notify my parents and friends that no I haven’t died from my MCS when I don’t answer the phone. I find I have gotten used to communication being almost immediate — emails, blog comments, answering machines if I missed a call.

This is of course symbolic for me. I expect God’s answer to my prayers — NOW! Not when the time is right. I’ve expected guys I’ve liked to tell me they love me when the time is right for me not for them. I’ve lost the wonder of the journey — the excitement of the adventure of the unknown — the joy of the anticipation.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve only had email for about 11 years. I really didn’t want it back then but to be in a writer’s group I needed it to be able to send my manuscripts for critiquing by the group. Now even before a cup of tea or breakfast — I have to check my emails and blog comments. Sunday, I will let the anticipation build as to all the great and thought-provoking comments you wonderful people have left on my blog.

So are you willing to try something new? Or scarier yet – let go of technology for a day?

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