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This part gets complicated because there are so many products that are applied to the body. If you haven’t looked at Part A or even if you have — here are some Myths About Cosmetics from EWG. As always each person can react to a product differently. Try a small amount or ask your health care personnel. If you’ve read the comments on the other posts you’ll see that those of us with MCS do not all tolerate even the same non- toxic and natural products in the same way. I cannot and do not know how you’ll react using a certain product. Please share your experiences so we may all learn from them.


To wash my hands: Dr. Bonner’s Castile Soap (unscented) — can be purchased in many larger grocery stores. It has many purposes but I only use it for hands and sometime hair. Fellow blogger Sonda uses it for many other purposes here is her link with some great info on this product and the dilution amount.

To wash my body: SallyeAnders Soap — this soap is made 5 miles from my house from all edible products. I like that not only can I use it with my MCS but that it is locally made. It can be purchased on-line it you don’t live near Central New York or the stores that carry it. It is more expensive than typical bar of soap but it does last as they say 1 — 3 months. (I personally have used the oatmeal and peppermint soaps)

To clean my teeth: I have used toothpaste but I’m going to switch to using baking soda and/ coconut oil. Ask your dentist if it’s okay for your teeth. I started doing it because some toothpaste was bothering me. I didn’t ask my dentist. I have done oil pulling and found it helped my gums and whitened my teeth slightly. This is done with coconut oil. I find when I put the oil in my mouth and tilt my head forward it stops my body from wanting to gag from a mouth full of oil. Once I get going then the gag reflex subsides. Here is a youtube video how to do it.


Shampoo — I have used an organic product from my hair dresser but it is expensive so I have been using the SallyeAnders soap on my hair and a vinegar rinse. I also use Dr. Bonner’s Castile Soap unscented.

Conditioner — I rub organic coconut oil between my hands into my hair and then wash out. I get hives a lot from reactions to chemicals and I also find this helps the itching on my scalp. The site I linked to has a large list of uses for coconut oil. If you don’t find enough there go to Sonda’s site she has many articles to refer you to.

Deodorant: I personally don’t need to wear deodorant unless it is extremely hot or I’m very nervous. Deodorant I can be around with my MCS is Tom’s of Maine unscented. My dad used it and liked it for effectiveness and how many uses he got out of one container. My dad is liking being non-toxic but he likes to save money even more. He directed me to Dr. Oz and the use of Milk of Magnesia (If you don’t understand Dr. Oz’s joke about knees and elbows go back one video)

Update: Sarah was kind enough to give me a link to a story about why there is no Milk of Magnesia on the shelves in Europe. There is no safety risk but it doesn’t meet the standards of the EU for sulphates. I applaud the EU for having higher standards on the chemicals allowed to be used in their products.

Image19treebarkLotion/Moisturizer: I use coconut oil. When I used to use “traditional” name brand lotion — I had to apply it much more often and my hands still cracked and bled in the winter. This doesn’t happen with the coconut oil. I apply it all over after I’ve toweled off from the shower. At around 75 degrees F, it is changes to a liquid. So if in solid form I just rub it in my hands a bit with turns it to liquid and then I apply. Since it is oil, if you apply a heavy amount it will take a minute or two to soak in. My feet — I usually do before I go to bed just because it has more time to sink in and I wear socks to keep it from my sheets. I have noticed that since I started using coconut oil — it takes away the itching from my hives and helps scratches etc. heal much faster.

I hated coconut my whole life (to eat) and now I have a jar in my kitchen and one in my bathroom. The jar of coconut oil lasts a lot longer than when I bought a bottle of lotion.

Image1ME002Since I became disabled, I do not wear makeup or nail polish. Before I became disabled I wore BareMinerals for my face — I personally never had any difficulties with this product with my sensitivities. I stopped wearing it for multiple reasons, but mainly because makeup costs money and I prefer to eat over changing my looks. There are way too many toxins in nail polish and nail polish remover for me, with MCS, to use these products. Here’s an article if you’d like to learn about choosing safer nail polish.

Here are some additional bloggers beside Sonda I mentioned previously who have EI or MCS or both that have a lot of great info and very large hearts:

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Please share any of your ideas of what you use that is non-toxic and hopefully is cheaper too.

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