I was putting together my sixth post on “How to Make Your House Less Toxic on a Budget.” I have been asked, “so what are some of the toxic chemicals?” I was just going to put a link on my post but I think that the post Kathyrn has put together needs to stand on its own. It is very impactful.


On Saturday, April 13, 2013, the NY Times posted an article with this exact title.  The article was forwarded to me by my dear friend Jennie Sherwin.  Jennie will also have a blog post up sometime today on this article as well.

You will want to read the entire article here.  I am, however, going to give you a snippet of what the article is about.

Industrial chemicals, unlike its counterparts pharmaceuticals and pesticides, do not have to be tested before being put on the market.  Rarely are producers required to provide the government with information to assess safety.

These companies are not required to provide safety data when notifying the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) about new chemicals.  If the EPA does not block the chemical within 90 days, the chemical is by default given the go ahead.  According to the NY Times article, the EPA has only…

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