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The original intent of the this series was to answer the question I was asked, “How do I use less toxic products on a budget?” But since starting the series, I was asked, “what are some of the most common toxic chemicals in “fragrances” and the products we use in our homes?” I have split this post into Part A and Part B. The first part explains why toxins are an issue. The second will offer suggestions as to alternatives that are safe, effective, and often cheaper to use. (updated with new links)

I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. Thank you to Linda for complying this list and more on her site. This gives the top 20 and top 99 toxic chemicals.

Michellina has a great slide show posted on her blog that makes it very clear why eliminating toxins especially in “fragrances” is a worldwide issue.

If you really like reading chemical names, Michellina has on her site a list of 3059 chemicals the fragrance industry has reported might be in their products.

The following links give an overview of some of the issues with the large number of toxins that are in many personal care products.

Toxic Chemicals in Salon Care Products. Thank you Sonda for posting this info.

Triclosan was first registered as a pesticide” and now it is used in some toothpastes, deodorants and antibacterial soap.

Thanks to Linda for posting on the affect of toxic chemicals in “fragrances” on the lives of our children. If Chemicals Act Like Drugs Why Aren’t They Regulated Like Drugs? and Be Fragrance Free Especially For the Children. 

Due to a loop-hole in the law — companies do not have to prove that the chemicals they are using in personal care products are safe. It is up to the EPA to prove that chemicals are not safe in the products and then work to have them removed. Thank you Kathryn for putting together a great post on this. THIS POST CONTAINS A MUST SEE 14 MINUTE VIDEO ON TOXINS AND THE PERSONAL CARE INDUSTRY. If you didn’t see the reblog of this post I sent out please watch the video.

This TED.com video is a must see for all people not just those using baby care products. I have previously posted it but it is worth seeing.

Again, the best site I’ve found for reporting what is in a particular cleaning or personal care product and what is going on to eradicate toxins from our environment is EWG.

The person who originally asked me to do the posts on less toxic products asked the question after coming across blogs of people like me who have become disabled from MCS and other EI (environmental illnesses). If you want to know more about MCS so you don’t become disabled like millions of others here is a video that gives an overview. Thank you, MCSgal for posting it.

I know this is a lot to take in but I have only scratched the surface of the information. I hope it helps lead you to a healthier life.