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“I’ve learned people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget the way you made them feel,” by Maya Angelou.

Yesterday, I challenged myself to ask “why” all day. I started with why was I eating an apple with my oatmeal? I  didn’t eat the apple because it was healthy or yummy. In the middle of all my why questions I got to “because it’s about to go bad if I don’t” and almost stopped. But this wasn’t really the reason I ate it. I’ve had apples go “bad”. I just toss them on the compost pile and feel good that either the bunnies are going to get a treat or I’ll have compost in the spring. So I asked why again. Why is it so important to eat this particular apple at this particular time? Answer: Because this particular apple was given to me by a friend with some other food that she cleaned out of her fridge to give to me before she went on vacation. I ate it on the day she returned. She had taken the time as she tried to finish packing and align things for her family to exist without her at home and work — to bring me food. Eating the apple was accepting her kindness as she sacrificed time and energy to share with me. So why did I eat the apple?: Because I love my friend.

Today’s intention really comes from writing my post HTMYHLTOAB: Perfume/Cologne. I embedded a video on altruism, I hope you’ll all watch it (the first minute is distressing). These two issues really collided for me and not at first in a perceived positive way. I viewed my career as a science teacher to be my form of altruism. I taught children how to love and respect their environment. I also made enough money that I was able to donate to charities. I had first watched Peter Singer’s video on altruism a few years ago and had decided that I indeed would donate 10% of my income to charity. But my disability from MCS took away my teaching career and 10% of zero income is zero.

Today’s Intention: Use my blog to share stories of altruism. These might be things I’ve done in the past or events I’ve read about and I hope altruistic acts my fellow bloggers are willing to share. I feel like doing this would be like having an “income of love” but instead of monetary income that I saved up in a bank, this income will be immediately shared.

If you want to share some love — write me a comment about altruism or give a link to a story you’ve written on your blog and I’ll link to it or reblog it. Please note there is no levels to love or altruism — if the act took 5 minutes to accomplish or 5 years — share it — love is always important. I saw on the news last night a little boy gave his tooth fairy money to charity — now tell me everyone hearing that didn’t feel the love.

This is going to be fun.

Much Love,