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This post should be the shortest of all. Perfume/cologne is made in a lab often using a number of toxic chemicals. Stop buying it and you will reduce the toxins in your home and you will save money.

Still reading, huh? Well, I personally can’t come up with one good reason to wear perfume/cologne but I can come up with one great one to STOP wearing it — I have MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) and other people’s fragrances are killing me. Still not convinced to stop — here are a few more.

Pheromones — naturally secreted chemicals that have an effect on others in your species. In short, trust me if you are attracted to another person’s pheromones you will never want them to cover up that scent with a lab produced toxic stew of chemicals.

Altruism — what could be done if the money spent on perfume/cologne was spent on helping others? What money? $25 -30 billion dollars is spent on perfume (according to New York Times, 6/19/2009). An estimated $71.8 billion is spent on health care for those with MCS. What would you do to change the world if you had $100 billion to spend or even the $30 – $80 you might have spent on a fragrance? The following TED talk has a heart wrenching and shocking beginning, but it asks important questions about altruism. So my question is “Would you give up your perfume/cologne” to save a life?

PetroleumMCS America has a simple fact sheet — yes most “fragrance” is produced from vile smelling toxic petroleum or a host of other toxic chemicals. These toxins are absorbed into your skin and breathed in by both you and the people around you.

American Lung Association Fragrance Free Policy

CDC (Center for Disease Control) has established a Fragrance Free Policy for all it’s offices. Does it make you question the safety of fragrances when CDC creates a fragrance free policy for it’s employees?

Layers — how many fragrances do you have on right now? Read labels. Makeup? deodorant? lotion? shampoo? conditioner? hair spray? laundry soap? fabric softener? sunscreen? hand soap? body wash? hand sanitizer? And now do you really want to add more scent on top of that?

Did you raise your hand when you watched the TED talk? It takes time to get in a car and drive to the mall to buy the perfume/cologne, drive back home, open the box and apply it. It takes money and energy to do this. To not wear it — takes no time and no energy and no money. How cool is it that you can help save millions of lives by not doing something!

If you have MCS or any other illnesses affected by synthetic fragrances and would like me to list your name and a link to your site to share your story send me a comment and I’ll list you below: