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I am not one to commit myself to New Year’s Resolution — probably because I’ve never kept one and New Year’s Day is a great day for napping — not resolving to change myself or the world.


BUT to be truthful with my MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) my physical life is so isolated from the general population that when I am with another person — I am very tuned into what they are saying. And this led me to think — hmmm — maybe it’s time?

The past few weeks I’ve noticed a common theme amongst my friends and relatives regardless of age or sex — these people want more love. They say it in different ways:

My mom it was her actions. She knows my dad tells me everything — so she told him she wanted to make cookies that day. When I called to see if she needed help, the conversation started with “I’m not sure if I’m going to make them…” I showed up any way. And one type of cookie turned into two… and a request for me to come back in a couple of days to make another kind. The next time, when we finished and I said I was heading out — Mom produced two new recipes that she wanted to try….

One friend flat-out stated, “I want more love in my life.”

Another said, he wished he had been taught how to drop the barriers in his life.

And yet another, has given to people of her time and energy to the point she has none left for herself.

I believe that all humans are seeking love every second of every day. The problem is that were seeking love but following a road map of the ego instead. We mistake lust (thus the “keep your pants on”) for love. We mistake helping others and thereby seeking their accolades as love (thus the take your shirt off quote — we tell people to keep their shirts on to calm them down — to tell them the way they are right now isn’t all right.) We mistake acquisitions for love: my spouse loves me because I’m in a gorgeous house, or I have two successful kids who I get to brag about, or all of my friends tell me how great I am.

If you want these things fine. There is nothing wrong with them. But they are not love. Love is. If one needs to put anything after that sentence then it is not love. Instead it is pride or arrogance or insecurity or jealousy… or a TV commercial.

I am not a trained therapist. I am not an enlightened being. I am not qualified to tell anyone how to be a better — happier — more loving person.

What I am is a blogger who like her friends wants more love. So my New Year’s Resolution? Starting January 1, 2014 (Eastern Standard Time) I am going to devote the upcoming year to the pursuit of love. I know from enough trial and error over 5 decades that all of the change will actually occur in my mind before any change will be experienced in my physical world.

The plan is to post each day what intention I’ve set for myself to work on for 365 days. If — NO — when something interesting happens as the result of my intention I will be glad to post it here. Imagine if all 7 billion people on the planet devoted the upcoming year to a pursuit of love — this crazy psycho planet might be more peaceful, joyful, happy and yes — LOVING place to live.

I hope you’ll join me. And please share your joyous loving moments either in the comments or let me know if you’ve posted your loving successes on your blog.