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If you’ve checked out my blog especially on Sundays you may have noticed I like birds — ALOT. So here starts the count down of a few interesting interactions I have had with my feathered friends.

10. My Savior

Ten years after getting my bachelors in Zoology, I returned to college to get my Masters in Science Education. I was doing well with the education courses but my problem was I was required to take a graduate level biology course to graduate. I was  in a special masters program for people with a degree in something other than education.

The idea behind the grad bio course was to insure I had enough science background — BUT when I went to sign up for a course no one would let me in — BECAUSE I had already taken the grad class as an undergrad. I actually had a professor create a course just for me so I could graduate and then the head of the education department said there was conflict and I couldn’t take that either.

No one was willing to waive the requirement but no one allowed me in a course.

Finally, the head of the biology department brought me into a professor and “played” the “she has a three-year old and is going through a divorce and desperately needs to graduate card.” At this point, I was then allowed to conduct an independent research project. The hypothesis — more birds would go to the white bird feeder (since it was winter) than either the blue or red feeders.

The problem.

We had a record amount of snowfall during my study…

And no birds showed up.

Well to be accurate …

One bird — one black-capped chickadee showed up every day to eat the expensive premium sunflower seeds I filled the birdfeeders with.

The one bird was enough, however, to help me get my course credit and my degree.

In the spring, I was filling the feeder and I scared a black-capped chickadee — MY black-capped chickadee as it turned out. At first it flew away and then upon recognizing me (after many hours of me observing it through the dining room window) — it flew back — landed a few inches from me and sang me a most beautiful song.

Not THE black-capped chickadee

Not THE black-capped chickadee