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This has been an interesting week to try to take pictures. The temperature has ranged between the 20’s to the 60’s (F). We’ve had wind and rain and a little snow and occasionally some sun.

My most frustrating moment came when I had the chance to get the shot I have been after all summer. I have spotted a pileated woodpecker a few times but always far away. Yesterday, it taunted me. It would fly just far enough ahead of me so that I couldn’t get a shot and then it flew off into the denser part of the woods. While I was taking a long-range shot of a chickadee — the pileated woodpecker flew in front of my face — landed a few feet away — as I scrambled to get my camera off telephoto and focus — it flew off and every time I thought I had it in focus it would move around the other side of a tree. And yes — it did the Woody the Woodpecker laugh as it flew by my face.

Enjoy — lots of bird photos, a few sunsets, some moments with nature and a birthday boy.

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