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If you want a short post today just go with there is no such thing as a neutral thought.

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Is this a good bird or a bad bird?


If you said, ” I don’t care.” We’ll get to that in a minute.

Case in point you had some gut or visceral reaction when you looked at this picture.

The house sparrow is one of the most widespread birds anywhere. I think they are cute. But they also are loud, nest in dryer vents, and take prime nesting sites from other songbirds such as bluebirds.

If you’re an avid birder that loves the vibrant hues of other songbirds — you may vilify this creature.

If you’re like me, you think they are cute as they hop energetically all about the backyard.

If you said you don’t care — dig deeper — yes you do. How about if their singing wakes you up at dawn or you’re feeling lonely and their chipperness cheered you up? Are you neutral now?

This post came about for two reasons:

1. My disability from MCS led me to seeking forgiveness as my prime reason for not slitting my wrists when I lost my purpose in life (teaching), my income, my insurance, my friends …. And bloody hell, there was and still is a lot for me to forgive. The first thing I started with and am still on a year later is MY negative thoughts and MY need to forgive MYself for not accepting that MY thoughts create MY view of MY world.

2. I had a couple of friends ask me to pray for them this week due to facing potentially life-threatening illnesses. This following a few conversations of what I believed caused my MCS and cancer. The simplest answer I have is negative thoughts. Mine and other peoples. If the producers of toxic chemicals cared more for me than their wallets — I wouldn’t be sickened from them because they wouldn’t have been produced in the first place.

Look at the terms: ill-at-ease and dis-ease. See a pattern?

I  believe that if one doesn’t address the negativity one gets sicker. To me the “illness” is a wake up call to a better life that has long gone ignored. Look at the positive in your life that happened because of this major illness.

Did you lose a job that you really didn’t like but would have stayed in for the security and now you’re free to pursue your dream job?

Were you finally forced to take care of yourself instead of everyone else in your life and found that in loving yourself you now had love to give to others?

Did you let go of toxic relationships because it was the only way to survive and thereby opening up your life to loving relationships?

Did you finally get down on your knees and ask The Higher Power for help and find your spiritual path?

I watch some of the people who I hold in my heart live such pain-ridden, lonely, and dis-eased lives. They have good incomes, nice homes, are married with successful kids. And when I ask how they are — they all answer fine. Here lies the THERE IS NO NEUTRAL THOUGHT.

My friends may think that the lie is working but it’s not. I see the stress in their faces. I hear the pain when they recant their days. And by declaring they are fine — they have created a war within themselves. Their spirits know they are not fine. When one puts their heart (spirit) and their brains (ego) in conflict they are going to get dis-ease.

So yes, I am partially responsible for my MCS. This is how my decades of negative thoughts about not being good enough or my fear that I would be abandoned and left to live an isolated life manifested. AND in the case of most major illnesses the collective negative thoughts of others in the human race added to this issue landing on my door step.

I challenge you today to try to have a neutral thought.

When my nephew was little I would ask what he wanted for lunch to receive the “I don’t care” response. To which I would respond something like, “then we will be having Brussel sprouts and frog toes boiled in liver juice.” Rest assured I quickly was supplied with a response other than “I don’t care.”

“I’m fine” is the other response I get from people who are trying to remain neutral. What does this mean? Are you joyful? Sad? Peaceful? FINE isn’t a verb. And it’s not neutral. I have a friend that hates when a doctor prescribes a medication for them but does not have a reason for the problem.

When the asthma got worse “for no medical” reason — I suggested that maybe it was because they were suffocating in relationships and maybe a relationship councilor would help? They got annoyed and said, “I’m fine”.

When the ringing in the ears started “for no medical” reason — I suggested maybe it was because they weren’t listening to the inner voice. They got annoyed and said, “I’m fine”.

When the pain in the ankles started “for no medical” reason — I suggested maybe they needed to walk a different path than the one they were on. They got annoyed and said. “I’m fine”.

When the vision problems started “for no medical” reason — I suggested they were blinding themselves from seeing the problem that was right in front of them. They got annoyed and said, “I’m fine”.

A few months ago, I asked, “How are…” before I could finish the question I was cut off and the response, “Everything is fine.”

The sad thing is that most of the people I know that are holding on to their negative thoughts feel they are only hurting themselves. Guess again. I’m empathic — so I get jolted with other people’s crap all the time. And (don’t blame) but look back to your childhood — how much of the negative stuff you’re dealing with now had to do with stuff your parents didn’t deal with.

There are no neutral thoughts.

Negative thoughts will not go quietly into the night — anyone who has meditated knows this — but with practice of replacing a negative thought with a positive thought — soon you will have peace with whatever is going on in your life. I can’t guarantee changing your thoughts will cure your illness but read up on the Placebo Effect and let me know if changing your thoughts changed your life.

Let’s start here: You are loved!