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To continue our add-on game of abundance.

1. Pray/meditate

2. Dump the old unwanted stuff to make room for the new.

3. Feng Shui/vision board/abundance corner/wealth bowl

4. Affirmations/Visualizations

5. Let It Be

6. Gratitude

7. You Can’t Get There From Here

A friend emailed me the other day after reading my gratitude post and commented how at peace I seemed with all the turmoil in my life.

No Way!

I have moments of peace each day — usually when I first wake up or if I meditate — other than that it’s a roller coaster ride.

What I’ve accepted is that I can’t get to the top of Mount Everest sitting at base camp.

In college, I had the chance to go to Ireland, Ecuador, and Jamaica to do research and study. I stayed at campus. I reasoned I would get motion sickness, not have the right foods for my low blood sugar, if I spent my money on the trip where would the money come from for grad school?

For most of my life I have sat a base camp — safe — unchanging — predictable. I  only climbed the mountain when I had to. I went to college because I was going to have to get a job. Although I love my college and would recommend it to anyone — I have to admit having many colleges to choose from — I picked the one closest to home. If I didn’t like a job or a relationship I stayed because a painful familiar base camp was more comforting than an unfamiliar potentially joyful mountain summit.

The risk wasn’t worth the view.

What I found though as I barely started to explore my spirituality was that as soon as I thought — hmmm — maybe it would be nice to have more than this — WhamKerpowie — Rockim Sockum — the Universe sent tremors through my base camp. The Universe brought in an element that made where I was not seem so pleasant or safe anymore. So I either had to stay at an unsafe familiar place or risk it.

When the “tremors” started to crack the foundation of the comfortable existence I had built, the first thing I did was sell my mortgage free house. I knew from teaching that just one child can change the entire personality of a class. And so it was in my neighborhood. The little old lady that greeted me with a loaf of bread when I moved in — moved out of the neighborhood. My new neighbors — lets just say — assuming I didn’t want to get into a relationship like the Hatfields and McCoys — it was time to move camp.

This was the first time I chose to climb a mountain — not out of fear but to face my fear head on. I was the general contractor for the house I now live in — and if you’re wondering did I know anything about building a house that would be a big NO! I was raised believing you didn’t spend what you didn’t have. Even my accountant worried if I could handle the stress of a sizable mortgage. I have no regrets about building my house — even after becoming disabled and no longer having my teaching position.

If I have to sell my house to pursue my writing career — that’s okay — because I would not be selling it out of fear. I would be selling it to back up a little bit — to give myself some room to get a running start up the next slope.

So back to my friend’s email. Am I at peace? I am at peace with the fact that uncomfortable is normal. I’m at peace with the fact that if I want different from what I have I can’t stay at the base camp I’m at. I am going to have to spend some time, energy, creativity, probably some money, and invest some faith — that when I pack up all my old beliefs and climb a little higher up the mountain that it will be worth being uncomfortable until I reach the summit. But when I get to the summit — the view of my new life will blow my mind.

So if you don’t have something you want in life — be prepared — you probably can’t get there from where you presently are — if you could you would have had it already. And just so you know the Universe is always sending me the message that I make mountains out of mole hills. All the difficult mountain climbing stuff happens in my head — as I think and rethink — analyze — compare — and then finally there is the moment that I totally accept the change and normally the shift happens almost instantaneously.

See ya at the top of the Abundance Mountain.


I don’t know if it is a sign but as I typed this a rainbow appeared after the storm. I tried to get a picture but as I went outside it faded away. When I came back to my study the rainbow reappeared and then faded again. I think it’s my sign that I’m on the right path climbing up the mountain to abundance because it has now reappeared for the third time. So excuse me while I go enjoy the beauty of the moment.