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Since posting Abundance 101 — I’ve had great fun watching the demonstrations happen that prove that I’m on the right track.

Here are a few:

I looked at the rather icky banana on my counter and really wished it was yummy banana nut muffins.

Around a half hour later my friend knocked on the door holding two yummy banana nut muffins.

I thought of going to Oswego to a local fish stand (Real name Rudy’s/The Loop if from Fulton/The Stands if from Oswego State) and hesitated.

My mom called, “The Loop is closing in a few days for the season. Do you want to go.”


The sun was in my eyes meditating so I spun my chair around…

Just in time to see a bald eagle do a flyby.

Yesterday, I was cleaning out my study and came across a brochure from a few years ago for a psychic I had seen a few times. I was going to throw it out and felt I should keep it.

Today, a friend asked if I had a psychic I could recommend.

There were many others — some very private and deeply personal. But the point is often when one makes a request to the Universe and one does not get it immediately — if one pays attention there are signs. Signs or demonstrations say that you have been heard and more is coming.

So what have I done to bring abundance into my life? A few I’ve already written posts about.

1. Pray/Meditate

2. Dump the old stuff to make room for the new. This is ALL kinds of clutter including people/jobs/attitudes/and material stuff. Today I spent most of the day deleting emails. Clutter of any kind is chaos. The Universe is never chaotic. If you want to invite “It”  in — make your life still and centered. This doesn’t mean boring. You can be sky diving and be still and centered. If totally absorbed in the awe of the moment then you are still and centered even if your body is plummeting toward the earth.

3. Feng Shui — I already showed you my vision board and abundance corner. Today, I’m going to focus on my wealth bowl. I’ve never done one before. I don’t even know it there are specific rules. I did what felt right to me. The stuff you see in the bowl probably wouldn’t sell all told in a garage sale for more than 50 bucks. You don’t have to have abundance to attract abundance — you just have to put yourself in alignment with it.


This is what is in the bowl:


And a few of the reasons:

Quarters — seed money to attract more financial wealth

Hand crocheted handkerchief — made by Aunt Julia who was no relation but her love taught me all there is to know of an abundant world.

Charm bracelet — many events are linked together to make a life

Two hearts — one from my Dad and one from my son.

Two turquoise pieces — one was my Mom’s and one mine

College Ring — most in my family didn’t graduate high school. I am more than my history.

Rocks — my passion for science does not need to be surrendered because I left teaching at a school. One rock is my yin yang rock — the two sides to me: spirit and ego. The second rock looks very plain on the outside but sparkles on the inside.

Power Ranger Pin — means intuition. When my son was little he always liked something like Barney the Purple Dinosaur or the Power Rangers long before anyone else every heard of them.

Pearls (imitation) — When I was married I asked my husband for three presents. I got none of them. The pearls he actually went to buy but told me they were too expensive. His new car and golf clubs were not, however. The point — never let anyone tell you you’re not worth your desires. To make a pearl the oyster starts with an irritant like a piece of sand and then makes something beautiful out of it. My divorce was an irritant that I built a beautiful life around.

You get the idea. When I speak of abundance coming into my life — you betchum cowboy that I sure as shootin’ want some cashflow to pour in. However, I know from my 53 years of up and down financials that the ups don’t mean jack if there is no one to share it with. Which brings me to the small round pin. It is an IHSA pin. It’s my college equestrian pin. This is important for so many reasons but at the top — everyone told me I was a shoe-in for the college team. When the names were read I wasn’t on it. My roommates were ready to celebrate. Instead, of saying to myself that’s that — you suck. I knew I was going to practice more and try harder at the next team tryout.

Sometimes, the Universe will ask, “How badly do you want this?” I left no doubt that being on this team was going to be a part of my life. The next day the coach contacted me. There had been a glitch and my name got left off the list. Trust me I never took my spot on that team for granted — ever. Tryouts were every semester. I stayed on that team all four years.

So right now today I could panic about all I don’t have. But I know the abundance in the Universe is limitless and it is available for anyone willing to let go of fear and doubt to make room to let it all come pouring in.

I hope you had an abundant day. If you didn’t quite get what you wanted yet — I bet you got some really cool signs that it is coming.

Hearing about signs gives me goosebumps so feel free to share.