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I walk and take pictures everyday but especially when I need to resolve and issue. From the number of pictures you can infer the kind of week I’ve had. If you don’t know why I needed a lot of resolve this week go here.

Now that I have closed the chapter on my old life. I am really doing quite fine. Other’s are stressed for me now that I have no income, insurance, I’m disabled, blah, blah, blah. But I am looking for the silver lining. The first being that instead of teaching in a toxic soup of chemicals emitted from everyone’s perfumes/cologne/body sprays/deodorants/hair spray/laundry soap/fabric softener/lotion/after shave/nail polish/makeup…. instead I embraced the wind and the water and the land and the sun and I am free.

If you don’t like photos of sunsets, fall foliage, lakes, birds or a wooly bear or two you’re probably in the wrong place. If you’re still here I hope you enjoy. There are two slide shows with a brief intermission between the two shows. Namaste.

First Half

A Brief Intermission

Second Half

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