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Yesterday, I started out for I hoped a soul cleansing walk. I had been thinking about how long would it take to chime a bell in honor of every person that suffered from MCS. Chimes made me think about the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, and Clarence getting his angel wings. Which led me to think of my uncle who had passed away last week. I stood at the entrance to the trail


and took a few relaxing breaths. And then I heard three chimes, like the tinkling of wind chimes. But I assure you there was nothing there. I knew the three guardian angels each chime was for. Now I’m thinking this is going to be the most spiritual walk ever. A few minutes in, however, I spiked a migraine from toxic chemicals. The weekend before apparently there was a cross-country meet. Someone had marked every root and hole with spray paint.

There were probably a hundred of these markings. So I left.

Today, I went back. Nature seemed to be doing okay.


But I am not. I got another migraine. I questioned why each and every root needed to be marked. A few days ago, I was at another trail, after a race and there was no physical evidence that a race had ever occurred. If one wants a smooth running surface why not run a track?

As I walked, I became sadder and sadder. Maybe in 50 years nature will be able to cover up what was done, but in my life time, I will never be able to walk this trail again without my heart aching.

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I have been practicing being a non judgmental person. But I need your help on this one. Of all the crimes that are committed in the world, I condone none of them. However, I have always held that vandalism is the one that I have no comprehension of a motive. What could possibly be gained from this devastation?

I try to take nothing personally. And yet, I feel physical pain from the destruction of a place I viewed as sacred. Can someone explain to me the need to destroy something that does not belong to you, that nets you no financial gain, that does not put food in your belly or right a wrong…? Because I do not understand.