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I have been asked to explain what a walking mediation is.

Let me first say, I have NO — that would be ZERO — yes I mean — zippidy do dah training in meditation.

I have read books and I sat down and meditated. I‘ve included visualizations and affirmations because they have all helped me to heal.  I am a spiritual person. I am not a religious person. I was raised Catholic, married in a Baptist Church and would have played in the Bell Choir at my friend’s church (I think Presbyterian) but my mother said no. I also wanted when I was very little to join the Church of Latter Day Saints. When my mother asked why, I informed her that it was because they got to sleep later on Sunday. She said no to that too. BUT, in other words, I am all good with whatever religion you are or aren’t. I don’t feel there are religious conflicts practicing visualizations or affirmations or meditations but if you do, that’s okay by me.


To me prayer without meditation is like calling 911, asking for help, but hanging up the phone before you hear that help is on the way and what you should do before it gets there. Prayer is the plea for help. Meditation is the response.


I do these when I want to create or manifest something in my life. It is just what it sounds like. You visualize it. You get it. Have you ever been thinking about someone and then they call you? Or you have a craving for pizza and your husband suggests you go out for some pie? These are visualizations. Athletes and performers do it all the time. They see themselves — say — hitting a baseball. The more senses they have involved the more clearly they see it the more likely it will happen. The ball player sees and feels every nuance of hitting that ball before they step up to the plate — and then — WHAM. They hit it.

Just be careful what you visual. You will get it. When I was first starting to explore my spirituality, I needed proof. I am a science teacher after all. Create the hypothesis, collect the data and draw the conclusion. It is easier to manifest positive things than negative. So if you are manifesting a lot of negative things in your life you are working very hard at it. Start visualizing some positive stuff.

For one day try stopping yourself randomly and checking what you were thinking or visualizing. Was it positive or negative? If it’s negative then start to notice — is it a lot of different negative thoughts or really the same one over and over again? If it’s the same thought over and over again you must really want it.

I started to notice that with the frequency I was manifesting things in my life this was no coincidence.

But I don’t do visualization so much anymore. To me visualizations are more to get stuff. Now I rely more on affirmations.


I will put these in two categories:

Self Talk or I am Affirmations

These are most effective looking into your own eyes in the mirror but they will work anywhere. This is where I state what I want for myself not necessarily what I believe but what I want.

I am beautiful.

I am healthy and glowing with vitality.

I am living a rich and abundant life overflowing with joy.

I am fearless and can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

Save Me Affirmations

These are when I ask (and here you will have to fill in the word you are comfortable with including any not on my list: God, Infinite Intelligence, The Universe, Jesus, one of the Archangels or guardian angels, Lao-tzu, Buddha, Allah ………………………..) for help.

For example:

Infinite intelligence of the Universe please supply me the money to fix my car and more. I ask for this in alignment with my soul’s purpose under grace.

If I ask for exactly what I need I will get it. But maybe I was entitled to more. I also ask for it to be in alignment with my soul’s purpose and then I will only get it if I am supposed to get it. You ask why shouldn’t I get the money? Who knows? Maybe because I’m to broke to fix the car and the city says I can’t keep it my driveway and the city official coming to tell me to get rid of the car is the love of my life. Now I get the guy and my car fixed.

I also don’t specify the amount. If I ask for exactly $200 that is what I will get. But maybe the Universe felt I should have $500. 

A real life example with time. Going out to lunch with my brother, nephew and son in another town. My brother had to be back for work. I affirmed, “Infinite Intelligence please have us seated at the restaurant at 12:30 and make sure we have the check by 1:30….. And we did. Exactly. Except, I realized as we sat there waiting to get the table from 12:10 to 12:30 — I goofed. I put the limit on the time and so we had to wait until 12:30. If I had said instead, “seat us soon as possible.” We wouldn’t have waited.


I have no idea how many types meditations there are but it is a lot.

Some meditate for health, world peace, connect with the astral plane, relieve stress….

I DO NOT try to meditate when I am very angry or upset. It is futile. Instead, I clean the basement, have a discussion without the person I am angry with. This drives my cats nuts. But it allows me to get my hurtful ego out of the way without hurting the other person. Many times, I don’t need to address the issue after I realize whatever part I played in the situation and that I probably won’t be able to change the other person anyway.

I DO NOT worry if I’m meditating and I fall asleep or can’t quiet my mind or sometimes I cry because I dug up some hidden stuff. When I meditate I go someplace else. I can’t describe it because I do not remember it when I return. I do know that when I return — soon after I meditate — I will have the answer to whatever issue I have been dealing with.

So in any meditation one is trying to connect with the silence or “gap”. Some do this with breathing or mantras or by staring at candle flames. When I do a walking meditation instead of focusing on my breathing, I focus on my steps.

Before I start any meditation I ask for my personal spirit guides to protect me. To keep away any sprits or human beings that are not in alignment with my soul’s purpose. As I walk I do not focus on anything except at first the rhythm of my feet. I let myself be led during the meditation. I don’t think about the pace or should I go left or right? I walk heel toe — heel toe — until I no longer think about the process or anything else. As I allow myself to exist in the space — the space “speaks” to me.

The other day I heard birds everywhere but did not see them. I allowed myself to just let the sound flow through me vs trying to figure where they were or what kind of bird was singing. Suddenly, my feet stopped and I looked down. I did not think of doing any of it. And this is what I saw on two consecutive days.

Obviously, you’ll want to walk somewhere safe and non-distracting.

Namaste — I hope you find peace and healing along your path.