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There’s the:

Blind date – ask your friends about the site first or sneak in for peak and if you don’t like what you see sneak back out leaving no more than a tic on the visit counter.

.com date – you did some searching around with a few key words (photography, vacations, cooking, MCS) and went to check your site out. Is the site beautiful or artsy or got great home cooking? Does the site inspire you or make you laugh? Once you get there and have a look around you may stay only for the “About” or maybe want to stay and check all the nuances.

Double date – you’re reblogged and the person that came to visit you thinks you’re so great they’re going to hook you up with their friends.

Day-after-and-why-doesn’t-(s)he-call date – this is when you took the time to check out someone’s site and you “liked” them and nothing – did they ever reciprocate and visit you? – if they did – why didn’t they “like” you back? And seriously if you left a comment and then nothing – are they in the hospital? Or maybe their country lost internet service for a week? Or did they think your comment was lame?

Whose-keeping-score date — does he who has the most followers win? I did something nice for you and now you need to do something nice back. If I have more visits, visitors and countries that have perused what I have to offer should I let him gloat that he has more followers.  

She-wants-a ring date — this of course is the moment you have to decide do I commit to a long-term relationship? Putting aside ease of getting stuff dumped in your reader or email account – why follow a blog? Because all other issues aside there’s a comfort in knowing someone’s got your back every single day. They liked you enough – cared enough about what you have to say to make a commitment. If you follow them maybe they will commit and follow you too. Maybe — just maybe they’ll have your back.

I was never good at the dating scene. One time I talked to a really cute guy for around twenty minutes when he said, “You’re perfect. Wait right here.” He came back with his wife. They had just moved to town and his wife had no friends.

Oops got that one wrong.

So as I approach my 1000th visit, I just wanted to thank each person that has liked, followed, or visited and especially commented. I may not be good at the dating thing but I’m really liking the wonderful people who have shared the blogging experience with me. If I haven’t followed you don’t take it personally — I have commitment issues. I really do like your blog. And I am thrilled to hear from you.

A friend once asked, “What was high school like for you?”

I spent my time torn between being petrified no one would ask me out and more terrified that a boy actually would. So bloggers now that you know more of my issues: You may not have seen me sneak in but I have visited everyone that has visited me. I’m ready with the confetti and the celebration when the visit counter rolls over to 1000.

I’m curious to see what kind of “date” it will be: Blind date, .com date, double date…? 

I hope it happens soon though. The confetti is starting to stick to my hand.

The Universe has a sense of humor. Before I posted this, I had 1 visitor and 1 view this morning. After I posted it — 5 people have liked it so far (4 that have never been to my site) and I have 1 visitor and 1 view recorded under my stats. I’ll take this as a sign that in dating quality matters over quantity. Thank you for all the quality posts you share with the world.