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A shower to me is like a cup of coffee to most people. This morning I knew it was going to be hot outside. I knew I was going to work out any way (walk by the lake). But today I have an eye appointment. So I decided the shower would obviously occur after the workout.

I went into my bathroom and headed for my walk-in closet. After a couple of minutes I actually said, “I’m in the shower.” I had gotten my towel and done all the normal things one does before getting in a shower without even being aware of it.

How many minutes or hours in the day do we as humans do things so mindlessly so repetitiously we aren’t even aware we are doing it?

Have you driven miles down the highway only to realize you have no remembrance of driving those miles?

Or you’ve finished off a bag of chips and thought you were still eating the first handful?

Have you been in a conversation filled with so much mindless retelling of someone else’s life — usually some celebrity ( you don’t even know)  to not even remember the next day what you spoke about or a month later why you even cared about the subject?

I have done all of these — although the last one not so much.

Today, let’s all be three-year olds. And ask “WHY” to everything? 

These are WHY’s I asked myself this week:

Why do I wear makeup? It’s not for me. I can’t see it. Is it that important for me to impress someone else that I spend money on makeup vs feeding hungry children?

Good point, Colleen. 

After asking why? Today I didn’t wear makeup to my appointment. I don’t think I need to wear it anymore. I’m beautiful just the way I am.

Why do I use that type of hand/body lotion? It’s 99.0% natural. Why isn’t it 100% natural? What’s in the other 1%? Why don’t companies list what’s in their fragrances if it’s good for me? After asking why? I switched to organic coconut oil and ooh-la-la. Why did I ever use anything else?

Why do I expect people to change? This one I still struggle with especially after I keep speaking about MCS and so few people listen. I guess the answer to this is — if we don’t change — if we don’t evolve — why get out of bed each day? I have a friend (a few actually) that will do anything to keep their lives THE SAME. First: This is impossible. Why? Because one human can’t keep everyone else in their lives from changing. Second: Why bother to get out of bed? If one wants nothing to change then why not stay In bed and just replay yesterday in your head over and over and over again?

So why do I expect people to change? In the case of my MCS — it’s life threatening if people don’t stop bringing toxins via fragrances into my personal space. Why don’t I give up? Why would I?

Why did I write this post? Why not? 

Why did you read it?

Have fun being a three-year old? There is nothing mindless about their day.

Why is a banana yellow?

Why do rich celebrities get lots of free stuff and struggling families have to pay for their stuff?

Why are my fingers double jointed?

Why do we believe more in advertising then we do in our own intuition?

Why do barking dogs never get laryngitis?

You get the idea.

Why is today such a great day?