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Today, has not been a good day as person on this planet with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities). Well really yesterday was the really not good day. But toxins tend to stick around for like — well — mostly forever. Yesterday, I had walked to my mom’s (two blocks) and  since no one was around — no one was doing laundry — no one drove by — I couldn’t figure out why I was getting sick. As it turns out the wet area in the road was not just water — someone had washed their car. To someone with MCS — the toxins in the fragrance of the soap alone — can be debilating. This on top of a few other minor exposures before I returned home left me that night with a migraine and a throat that when I swallowed felt like I had a grape stuck in it.

At this moment, it is a perfect day outside. I should be gardening or biking or hiking but it is about all the effort I have to type. So I added a page to my blog today. A page of interesting videos from ted.com. If you care about your health or the environment  or you have a migraine like me and can’t manage the energy for anything else — watch a few videos of some very passionate people.

This post is to bring your attention to one amazing video — it is amazing to me because I have for so long tried to educate adults and my students about my condition — about the need to take care of this planet and her people — that ALL life is interconnected. And thus if we are going to declare our RIGHT to do something we had better be damn sure it doesn’t impinge on the right of anyone else to a happy, healthy life. It saddens me that so many have stopped listening to their bodies — their intuition — their hearts and instead we listen to commercials — infomercials — mass marketing campaigns. This activist — Burke Baehr is — ELEVEN YEARS OLD.

Seriously if you can watch this kid and not want to jump up and do something to make this a better world — you’re probably reading the wrong blog.