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This is an activity that I’ve often done at teacher professional development days. I thought it would be fun to do with my new friends. It’s a little tougher because we’re not in the same room together. Over cyberspace I don’t get to read your body language. I don’t get to see if your eyes dart quickly to the left and down  — a sign you are lying (this is for righties – if you’re left handed it could be opposite). I don’t think I’ve ever won a hand of poker because everything I feel is revealed on my face.

Once my students were taking a test. In my spare time, I had been writing a young adult fantasy novel. While they stressed over the difference between igneous and metamorphic rocks – I thought of my battle scene. I had made no sound and neither had the kids. I looked up to scan the room for cheating but no one was taking the test. Every kid stared at me. One kid asked me, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah! Why?”

“The look on your face is really scaring us.”

If we were in the same space we also would be more aware if we exchanged energy with each other. You know how you’re down about something and you walk in a room of happy, laughing people and suddenly your spirits have been lifted. You actually borrowed some of their energy. The reverse is also true.

Energy can be shared over long distances. A friend proved this the other day. I was working on my memoir. I was allowing myself to feel the pain of my dad’s death. This went on for a day and a half – I got an email – “I need to know if you’re okay.” Oops. Didn’t mean to dump my psychic energy on someone else.

So for today we’ll just go with this is fun and informative. What crazy things are you willing to share? How good a liar are you?

Here are my 3 truths and a lie. Can you pick out the lie? And I hope you’ll send me your 3 truths and a lie (in the comments section). I set it up as a quiz for mine so we can see what which one wins. If you send me yours — and ask — I’ll give you my lie — so don’t read the comments until you’ve taken the quiz.

Have fun!