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At first it scared me to unplug my alarm clock.


Would this result in the heavens unleashing its fury?


Would the sun disappear from the sky?


Would I wake up each morning if I didn’t know what time it was or would I sleep forever?







Was this an admission my MCS (multiple chemicals sensitivities) had won? I didn’t need to know the time because I couldn’t safely leave the house?


Or would the world go on as in past millennia — marking time by the ebb and flow of light? Each organism knowing the dance of the seasons without a calendar or an alarm clock.

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Today, I did wake up. The sun did still shine. I woke up to this quote in my in box. “You don’t have to be brilliant at everything. You just have to have the courage to put yourself in the line of fire. (Emily Mortimer) Last night I addressed the Board of Education about the toxicity in our schools and my being disabled because of it. I addressed the need for fragrance free schools. The auditorium was packed. But none of the union members were there to support me. They were there about a policy change transferring two people to different buildings.

Last night as I spoke for my allotted 3 minutes — I was not brilliant but I did have the courage to stand in the fire. For the last few months I felt my light had dimmed, but I realize now I was just transitioning to a new season. A new purpose.

The verdant green of summer surrendered revealing the vibrant colors of autumn.

What would happen if all humans surrendered their need for brilliance (or wealth or status or fame…) revealing the vibrant shades of courage possessed by all?