Day 210 In The Pursuit of Love (Just For Fun)


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What do you do just for the fun of it?

noxlayingdownI can certainly list many thinks I do for survival: eating, sleeping, cleaning the toilet, paying the bills. Some of these activities I enjoy and some I do not. If I want to see something being done just for the fun of it, I look to toddlers or animals. Whether it is a small child or a panda doing a handstand (on average 5 a day) — they are not training for the Olympics or thinking about building arm strength or balance. They are just having fun. Is there really any purpose for child to hang upside down on the monkey bars? Other than it is cool to see everything upside down? For a dolphin to expend extra energy to leap repeatedly in the air? Other than it feels good for a moment to fly? For my cat Nox to run as fast as she can across the hardwood floors and then spin and do a 180?

I personally think that would be a lot less strife in ourselves and therefore in the world as a whole if everyone for just a few moments a day had fun? You can certainly have fun with other people but I would suggest you always have something that is fun that you do whether anyone is looking or not.

How would do I know I’m having fun? I forget about the stressful things of the day (if only for a few moments). Someone walks into the room and immediately wants to join in with whatever I’m doing because my face lights up the room. I don’t need make-up because my smile is so infectious — I am beautiful to the world just as I am. No matter what else happens that day — that memory stays with me and I can’t help smiling as I think about it again. I have no idea how much time has transpired while I was having this fun.

There are many things I enjoy doing: reading, walking, watching TV (sometimes), writing… but in truth there are not many things I call fun. In truth, I miss the squeal of delight at doing things for the first time whether it is walking or dancing or tasting applesauce. When my son was little and he was having fun, he would hold up his pointer finger and say, “One more time. One more time.” As an adult I know there are things that HAVE to be done that aren’t fun. But I’m thinking instead of doing 99 percent unfun to 1 percent fun. That needs to be switched. Just think if everyone in the world, at this moment, was having fun and laughing and feeling joy — would we have wars and drug abuse and bullying? I don’t think so. It is hard to be cruel and selfish if your insides are lit up with joy.

So I’ll ask my question again: What do you do for fun? Not just everyday enjoyment. But laugh out loud — never want it to end fun?




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