Day 354 In the Pursuit of Love (Donate Your Minutes to Love and World Peace)


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Image2telephoneNot talking cell phone minutes here. Although, I lose many unused minutes every month it would be wonderful if I could donate them to a worthy organization or a person in need. I’m talking about the minutes spent doing mind-numbing things or gossiping or complaining or playing hours of solitaire on the computer (okay enough about me)…

Image1clockWhen I taught, my students often complained there wasn’t enough time to get all their homework done. I gladly found some for them — the fifteen minutes of commercials during a TV show — the ride to and from school on the bus — time asking for the tenth time is dinner ready yet?

What if you normally play 15 minutes a day of solitaire on the computer and you spent that writing thank you cards to people who have been nice to you. That’s over 91 hours of appreciation and love a year.

Image1squrrelgarbageWhat if you complain 5 minutes every day about your spouse not taking out the garbage? What if you took 2 minutes to do it yourself (showing love to your spouse) and spent the other 18 hours of time a year you didn’t complain — going to a spa and pampering yourself. Who’s at peace with themselves now?

Image3catWhat if you stopped watching 30 minutes of negative news every night and spent that 182 hours a year — tutoring a child or planting a community garden or helping at an animal shelter or laughing?

What if you swapped minute for minute the time you spent hating on someone and showed them love instead — a hug — an open ear that hears the truth of their pain– time doing what they love. Either you’ll complain less so you have to spend less time showing the love or you’ll complain as much but at least make an effort to off set the negative energy all that complaining is doing or you will really start to feel the love and won’t need to complain anymore.

Image4cloudsMy minutes — the blue sky is trying for the first time this week to peek out of the clouds so I’m going to go spend some time with nature.

What are you going to spend your minutes on today?




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