Day 206 In the Pursuit of Love (Christmas in July)


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nameplateI thought today for certain that I would write about my disability, MCS,  teaching, bullying, discrimination any of the stuff I associated with the teaching profession, I had to walk away from because of the high level of toxic fragrances used at my former school. Why today? For so many years my classroom was Room 206.

But then a friend walked in last night — haggard and stressed — hating everything about her job — except that it pays the bills. And I spoke of how few people I know follow their passion. I could think of one friend who does about 50% of the time. But I could only think of one who truly follows his passion. I saw this friend the other day. He was walking in sweltering heat and swatting horseflies from around his head. I pulled over to say hi. His face lit up when he mentioned he was going to interview someone for a book he was writing. He looked energized and relaxed — loving everything about his job. So today, I choose to share my writing and my photography. These are the things that both energize and relax me. These are the things that give me peace.

What I’ve wondered for a fair bit of time now — after watching a number of commercials — what the heck is Christmas in July? Does it serve any other purpose than to sell stuff. And in the ad world is it a given that the first thing that people connect the word Christmas to is stuff?

So I thought what does Christmas in July look like to me?

bluejayevergreenevergreentreeIt is the beautiful tree topper gracing an evergreen tree. And the smell of pine and spruce and cedar.  It is the tree decorated with beautiful ornaments.



wallreflectionbarkstainglassAnd of course, twinkle lights and stained glass windows decorate our homes with their special glimmery magic.

Snowflakes — intricate and unique  – grace the skies.

Image19natureflufffluffongroundMillions of tiny ice crystals join together to blanket the earth with its pristine beauty.

And nature’s creatures display their fluffy winter coats.


streetlightshadowtreecandycaneChildren sneak a peppermint candy treat.

Holly berries bring color to the season.



Carols are sung.

Image17mourningdoveImage2dovesAnd  most importantly of all — doves remind us that this is the season of peace and hope and joy — this is an eternal wish that is carried throughout the year — every day and every moment. Peace to all.




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